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Cyclospora Outbreak - Mexican Cilantro Contamination Spurs Partial U.S. Import Ban 

Crazy - Cats, Toxoplasma, and Your Mental Health

Handwashing with soap slashes gut worm infections. 

The Value of Art to Science—A story of rotting bodies, belly buttons and the music of symbiosis. Rob Dunn

The South Florida Science Center and Aquarium has a parasite exhibit this summer! Eww! What's Eating You?

Monkey See, Monkey Flu - Interesting article on Plasmodium knowlesi

Malaria - Cozy niches: Certain host cell environments make malaria parasites resistant to drugs

Unconscious use of 'medical marijuana? ' Hunter-gatherer cannabis use linked to fewer internal parasites -- ScienceDaily

Naegleria - Sindh province Naegleria death toll now at 7 (Pakistan) | Outbreak News Today

Malaria - WHO/Europe | Bulgaria: 50 years malaria free 

Imperial Scientists create model of extinct lung parasite - News - Felix Online

Without parasites, the world
 would be a less
 interesting place

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 of those rare books that is fun to read but does not skimp on scholarly rigor...

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 Rosemary Drisdelle:

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A surgeon extracts a Guinea worm from a man's leg (another patient and extracted worm in the background). Engraving by Jan Luiken (1649 - 1712); Wellcome Images V0016741 CC BY 4.0